Caroline Abram designer frames
caroline abrams designer eyeglass frames Ambassador of beautiful identities, troubling and originals, the Parisian designer pushes the doors of a soft and intimate universe.

Caroline gives every woman the opportunity to reveal and exhale every facet of her personality!

The frames are amazing with their colors, their freshness and their audacity, with impulsive and seductive forms.

The Caroline Abram collections is for all women who want to feel beautiful, sensual, or a little offbeat. Caroline creates the addiction, the desire to have all the colors, to coordinate  them with their bags and shoes until they become their fashion accessories.

Caroline's inspiration comes from her diverse origin (Caribbean, Indian, French, and Polish) and her experience as she grew up in Senegal.

Exploiting a large variety of material such as wood, acetate and natural stones, she creates a collection ever richer each year
San Rafael, CA 94901
1127 4th St.
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