Christian Roth eyeglass frames
christian roth eyeglasses The luxury looks, colors and designs of the Christian Roth collection is best known for setting new eyewear fashion trends.

The creation of vintage Christian Roth eyewear raised the bar for imaginative designers eyewear.

The subversive legacy that Christian Roth has forged for decades has never been more relevant than it is today, as a new generation rejects the racial, gender, and class labels that once confined designers.

Since the Christian Roth frame line collection's inception, Christian Roth has reveled in a hard-earned reputation for subverting the conventions of runway luxury fashion.

Christian Roth sunglasses first appeared on the runway in 1985. Soon after, the designers were tapped to create custom frames for the fashion shows of industry heavyweights and eyewear design teams all over the world as well.

Prescription frames from Christian Roth are handcrafted in Italy from innovative materials and inspired by vintage models to deliver a unique harmony of style, vision enhancement and practicality.

Offering something avant-garde, and Christian Roth worked with factories in Italy and France that could create rom his mind exceptional pieces.
christian roth eyeglasses
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