An extensive, varied range of temples, combined with a multitude of fronts and lens shape, means you can find the right combination to suit even the most demanding tastes.

Modularity ensures exclusivity and personality for every Gold & Wood wearer.


Gold & Wood is a gateway to a world of subtle luxury, where the quality and opulence of the materials and workmanship speak for themselves. Luxury is best expressed in a certain style, a certain talent, a certain rare quality that gives you a daily elegance that is quite unique.

The naturalness of rare and exotic woods, the incomparable quality of Buffalo Horn from Asia or Africa, the originality of Carbon Fibre and the exceptional properties of Titanium, are all magnificent materials that enhance the inimitable style of Gold & Wood Frames.

Beyond their quality and refinement, each item in the Gold & Wood Collection expresses its uniqueness in a very subtle way.

Gold & Wood Eyeglass FramesGold & Wood Eyeglass Frames
Gold & Wood Sunglass FramesGold & Wood Sunglass Frames
Gold & Wood Eyeglass FramesGold & Wood Eyeglass Frames
Gold & Wood Eyeglass FramesGold & Wood Eyeglass Frames
It is not just the time it takes to create each individual eyepiece that make Gold & Wood frames unique. It is also the expertise in using the most refined and desirable natural materials that gives the Collection its unique character. Unparalleled expertise has become an art whose secret – from design to production – is well kept.

The workmanship invested in temples, with materials as noble and natural as Finewood or Authentic Buffalo Horn, is an art that many envy, and some try to imitate, but none has succeeded in matching. Entirely handcrafted with traditional artistry in our own workshops, they are the result of the talent and dexterity of seasoned craftsmen. Apart from this skill, the workmanship is inspected at each stage in the production process - from shape cutting, varnish sanding to perfect the comfort of the temples, right through to the polishing that shows the material in all its splendor. The work combines delicacy and strength in perfect balance, when the fronts and other metal parts as well as the lenses are added. The metal parts are made from high-quality alloys and the fronts are carefully machined according to a design developed to create the most harmonious frames.  
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