KAZUO KAWASAKI series 704 SP 34 Gray
was worn by Sarah Palin
Kazuo Kawasaki, an award winning industrial designer, has approached his signature collection with an artist's mind for creative design and a matematician's mind for precision.

Using simple, yet effective technology, Kazuo Kawasaki's screwless, three-point tension mounted frames offer distinctive designs for any occasions.

Kazuo Kawasaki frames are constructed of the leading material in modern frame design, Beta-titanium. Durable yet lightweight, beta-titanium is the ideal counterpart to the sophisticated design philosophy of Kazuo Kawasaki.
Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglass frames
Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglass frames
Kazuo Kawasaki sunglassesKazuo Kawasaki sunglasses
San Rafael, CA 94901
1127 4th St.
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