La Matta Designer Eyeglass Frames
Creativity, Innovation, Intuition, Originality

LA MATTA brand interprets excess with style. "In style" are the operative words for this all-feminine collection of spirited frames. 
La Matta Designer Eyeglass Frames This collection is created for women who use their charm as a weapon of seduction. The new eyewear frames models confirm how fashion is a continuous research of styles, shapes and colors. Inspired by feline coats and earth & nature colors. Embellished with precious details, this eyewear collection knows how to satisfy the most sophisticated femininity, without altering the spontaneity of simply being a confident woman.

Expresses your personality with bold combinations and animal patterns.

With an explosion of detail, sensuality and energy are embodied by unconventional colors and shapes.

LA MATTA frames have bold, intriguing hues with lots of personality. Animal prints and colors inspired by the wild.

Original decorative elements add a special touch to each model to express the personality and allure of the modern women.

The La Matta woman is strong, daring, aware of her allure, loves to please and allows herself to be admired.

Eyewear becomes an essential style accessory and must necessarily be a manifestation of contemporary and unconventional luxury.

La Matta exudes a luxury that will turn heads wherever you go.
San Rafael, CA 94901
1127 4th St.
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