urban eyewear
Urband was born in Paris with the wish to bring an eyewear collection with the wealth of hundreds of encounters and shared experiences through out the world. A fusion of people, lifestyles & colors is still today what really defines Urband.
Cyril Vigier
Glasses are much more than just two rings done to fix prescription lenses. Of course, glasses are made of design, colors combinations, it is more generally speaking a balance between shapes and selected materials, but for Urband, glasses are also made of Technical features. Entirely hand made in Japan, all our creations look for maximum comfort, using only the lightest materials available.

This is why Urband only uses the best Beta japanese and Pur titanium (in sheets or blocks), the best surgical stainless steel for its unique flexible hinge, or cellulose acetate.

But that is not it, all Urband glasses use our unique Patented flexible hinge called “S-clip”which has been developed. This hinge, exclusive to our collections, has a two years warranty (but will last mch more than that) and allows our glasses to avoid the use of screws which require regular maintenance.

Added to the fact that Urban Eyewear do not use any soldering, you will not only end up with a pair of high-end glasses, but also a comfortable pair of glasses.
urban eyewear
 urban eyewear
San Rafael, CA 94901
1127 4th St.
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